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Portal to Better Feelings

31.5" x 23"           hand-tufted

The first of a collection of portals and shields (in progress) made to protect and transport us in these weird times


Vulnerability Shield

43.5" x 32"

hand-tuft, machine tuft

wet felt & latch hook 

Inspired by a patch of snow I saw in December, the intention of this shield is to protect the softer parts of us

Mother ; Child

made for a cherished friend

to protect and collect love for her baby


Heirloom Dress

hand patterned & machine sewn

A patchwork dress inspired by found garments from 1880

(up-cycled quilt, back slit opening and white cotton gathers at the bottom hem not pictured)

Snow Pants 

hand patterned & machine sewn

for my mossy pacific northwestern home made from an up-cycled quilt

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