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Darci Phenix is a folk singer and textile artist based in Portland, Oregon. She spent most of her early years on peoples’ shoulders at bluegrass and folk festivals, seeing musicians like John Prine and Emmylou Harris, and in her mom’s camper van visiting national parks. From jamming with friends at campouts to having artists nights at their house, Phenix’s mother taught Darci that art is first and foremost about community. 

Darci is currently working on her third studio album with musicians in Portland, which should be finished this autumn. Her latest release “Wishbone” (Team Love Records), can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, etc... and is a reflection on the loss and freedom that comes with the transition from childhood to adulthood.

She is also currently working on a collection of tree root systems and houses made of yarn. These pieces explore what it means to feel physically and emotionally rooted. 

You can find this collection currently hanging at Thunderbird in PDX. 



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